Faith Formation (formerly REP)

Our Faith Formation program has undergone another turn…we are on a new path for the 2020-21 school year. We recognize we are in an overwhelming time with uncertainty and in uncharted territory. Our original intent of using a digital model, A Family of Believers: Called & Sent by Jesus, for all age groups has simply not panned out for our parish.

Please know we are working diligently to assist you with your faith formation family foundation, while being cognitive of how to keep everyone safe.

At this time, grade 2 will meet weekly from September 9 thru October 28 for first reconciliation preparation and sacrament reception. Please take their temperature before they arrive and keep them home if it is elevated or they are not feeling well. They are asked to wear a mask while entering and exiting the building, but have the option to remove it, with your permission, while in class from 6:30-8 pm on Wednesdays. They will be social distancing. The catechist will always have face protection.

We hope that beginning January 2021 that all other grades will have the opportunity to meet at least monthly, if not weekly. Grades 9 and 10 will be asked to attend weekly for confirmation preparation beginning in 2021. We will know more about the feasibility of meeting with all other grades, weekly or monthly, as we go through the fall and as we enter winter.

Grade one will complete their book at home at their own pace to prepare for the following sacramental year. No in-person classes for grade one this school year.

If you could do only one thing each week in place of faith formation classes, the suggestion is for you to visit                                                                                                                        This site has the weekly Mass readings and then age specific discussion/activities that accompany the readings.

Each grade level is asked to learn a prayer or teaching so it is kindly asked that during this fall you assist your child(ren) with the memorizations. The prayer/teaching list can be found below.

If there is a religious topic/theme your household would like to pursue during this fall, please feel free to contact us and corresponding resources will be mailed/emailed to you.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!

May you as the “domestic church” find blessings for your family and self during this school year.

May we all continue to be disciples of the Lord and be united in prayer!

St. Patrick Faith Formation

General Information:

Priest: Fr. Raphael Masabakhwa 712-644-2520 please leave a message

Faith Formation Director: Annette Lorenzen 712-642-3155

Office: 215 N 7th St., Missouri Valley, IA 51555



                     Grades 1-8: “Faith and Life” Ignatius Press series

        High School: T3 Timeline/Theology of the Body/Altaration

Confirmation: “Chosen” by Ascension Press


Prayer is central to our lives as Catholic Christians. Students will experience a variety of ways to pray, including both formal memorized prayer and informal spontaneous prayer. Prayer also needs to be experienced in the home.

Parents are expected to help their children memorize prayers. The following is a list of formal prayers/teachings and the grade levels at which they are taught.

The prayer/teaching with an * needs to be learned for advancement to the next grade level.

K=*Sign of the Cross, *Our Father, Angel of God

1=*Hail Mary, * Our Father, Glory Be, Grace before Meals

2=*Act of Contrition, Morning Offering

3=*6 Holy Days of Obligation , Act of Faith

4=*10 Commandments, Act of Hope

5=*7 Sacraments, Act of Love

6=*Corporal Works of Mercy, Beatitudes

7=*Apostles Creed, Stations of the Cross

8=*Mysteries of the Rosary, Hail Holy Queen

9=*Spiritual Works of Mercy, Angelus

10=*Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Twelve Fruits of Holy Spirit

11=Six Precepts of the Church

12=Nicene Creed

 Sacramental preparation:

Due to the extreme importance of the sacraments in the life of the children, parents need to be actively involved in the preparation. Students in level two will prepare for Reconciliation and Eucharist. Confirmation will occur at the sophomore level with the Bishop for all students that have prepared through the program.