Faith Formation (formerly REP)

St. Patrick Faith Formation Handbook

August 2019-2020

General Information:

Priest: Fr. Raphael Masabakhwa 712-644-2520 please leave a message

Faith Formation Director: Annette Lorenzen 712-642-3155

Office: 215 N 7th St., Missouri Valley, IA 51555


Youth Faith Formation Fees: $40 per child with $100 maximum per family

Schedule: Wednesdays 6:30-7:45 pm

Beginning September 4, 2019


Kindergarten/1- Jackey Arrick, Maria Otterpohl

Level Two-  Nicholle Porter,

Levels Three & Four- Cynthia Lopez, Sal Rinella

Level Five & Six- Renee Carney, Wayne Honz

Level  Seven & Eight-Shawn McIlnay, Mary Killpack

     High School/Confirmation-  Grant Schultes, Erin Hochstein, Mike Oehler


                     Grades 1-8: “Faith and Life” Ignatius Press series

        High School: T3 Timeline/Theology of the Body/Altaration

Confirmation: “Chosen” by Ascension Press


Prayer is central to our lives as Catholic Christians. Students will experience a variety of ways to pray, including both formal memorized prayer and informal spontaneous prayer. Prayer also needs to be experienced in the home.

Parents are expected to help their children memorize prayers. The following is a list of formal prayers/teachings and the grade levels at which they are taught.

The prayer/teaching with an * needs to be learned for advancement to the next grade level.

K=*Sign of the Cross, *Our Father, Angel of God

1=*Hail Mary, * Our Father, Glory Be, Grace before Meals

2=*Act of Contrition, Morning Offering

3=*6 Holy Days of Obligation , Act of Faith

4=*10 Commandments, Act of Hope

5=*7 Sacraments, Act of Love

6=*Corporal Works of Mercy, Beatitudes

7=*Apostles Creed, Stations of the Cross

8=*Mysteries of the Rosary, Hail Holy Queen

9=*Spiritual Works of Mercy, Angelus

10=*Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Twelve Fruits of Holy Spirit

11=Six Precepts of the Church

12=Nicene Creed

 Sacramental preparation:

Due to the extreme importance of the sacraments in the life of the children, parents need to be actively involved in the preparation. Students in level two will prepare for Reconciliation and Eucharist. Confirmation will occur at the sophomore level with the Bishop for all students that have prepared through the program.


We strive for maximum attendance each week as well as from year to year. Faith is an on-going process and children need the consistency of attending classes on a regular basis throughout the years. More than 4 absences will require a grade level to be repeated.

Please notify the office (642-3155) if your child will not be attending class for the evening due to illness or family emergency. You may leave a message.

 Cancellation of Youth Faith Formation:

If the public school in Missouri Valley cancels classes due to weather, faith formation classes are automatically cancelled for that evening. Email and text messages will be sent as needed for other cancellations.


The parish recognizes the adverse effects of chemical abuse. Therefore, the parish prohibits the use, passing, and/or selling of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other narcotics in any form by students, volunteers or catechists. (Matches, cigarette lighters, weapons, toy weapons, knives and other sharp objects are prohibited.) Any violation of this rule will result in parental notification and possible suspension from religious education.


Each parish student should attend weekly faith formation classes from first grade through and including high school. These classes are offered each fall through spring on Wednesday evenings in St. Patrick’s Houdek Hall. Sacramental preparation classes are included for those who regularly attend each week of each year.

A student needs to miss no more than four classes per year to be promoted to the next grade level. There are a minimum number of prayers/catholic teachings that need to be learned each year. Parental support is expected with these memorizations.

Those students who have not attended classes regularly and wish to make the sacraments, need to begin with prior class levels and build upon these lessons. This will affect the age/year the student is able to receive their sacrament.

If a student is attending a catholic school, such as St. Albert’s, they have daily religious classes and need to attend faith formation for Sacramental preparation only. They are welcome to join us each year if they elect to do so.

Just as a child’s school system and their sports teams have requirements, so does the youth faith formation program of your child. Expectations, goals, and benchmarks are needed to attain their spiritual growth and progression from year to year.

Regular Mass attendance is the most important example you can give your child/children. The things taught in faith formation coincide and revolve around the Mass. Each year, the classes build upon the previous year.

Sporting activities, dance classes… in no way outrank Mass or faith formation as priority items. Please don’t confuse your child by placing these activities before the message of Jesus.

Fr. Raphael Masabakhwa, Pastor

Annette Lorenzen, DRE